Filing Your Auto Hail Claim and Paintless Dent Repair: Perception Versus Reality

If you have been been unfortunate enough to get caught in a hail storm, you may have several questions about how to proceed. Many of our customers voice their concerns to our staff on a daily basis. So, we thought we would share some of the most common misconceptions and general questions that we hear. Hopefully in this blog, we can teach you something about the claims process and paintless dent repair that you didn’t already know.

1) “The claims process seems intimidating. How hard is it to file an auto hail claim?”

It actually isn’t that hard. We help our customers file their claim if you need our assitance. Have all of your relevant policy information when you call your insurance company, and its actually a fairly quick process. Questions you may already want to have the answer to include: 

a) Where did the hail damage take place.
b) What time of the day it occurred
c) Your policy number
d) Any other relevant personal information

The insurance company will then issue a claim number. Within a few days, the insurance adjuster will call you to schedule an appointment, preferable at Thunder Dent Repair 😉

2) “Will my insurance rates go up if I file an auto hail repair claim?” 

Unlike collision instances, you can be at peace when you file an auto hail damage claim on your vehicle. As long as you have the proper coverage, you can repair your vehicle and your rates will not go up. In regards to hail, insurance rates are determined by your geographical region and the total number of claims filed within that region. So, if you have the proper coverage, file the claim to repair your vehicle… If you don't file your claim and repair your vehicle, someone else will! 

3) “I have hail on my car from last year, but I want to wait and see if it hails again before I fix it.”

Waiting may seem like the logical thing to do, but consider the following: 
If you take the risk of waiting to repair your vehicle now, you run the risk of getting hit again and possibly totaling parts of your vehicle. Why is this important? The paintless dent repair process we practice normally takes 1-2 days to repair your vehicle. When your vehicle starts getting hit multiple times, you take PDR out of the equation. So, now you go from being able to fix your car in 1-2 days to having to check your vehicle into a body shop for a few weeks. 

Another long term question that comes into play is the overall quality of your paint. If you have to replace parts, then you have to get a new paint job on those replaced parts. The quality of your factory paint is significantly higher than any paint job. With any paint job, the paint is softer and more likely to chip since it is not heated/baked paint like a factory paint job. Anyways, these are just a few things to consider if you are on the fence.

Lastly, if you bring your vehicle to Thunder Dent Repair, and your car is unlucky enough to get hit in a subsequent hail storm, we sympathize for our customers and offer significant discounts towards your second repair.

4) “My car was hit in last years storm, is it too late to file a claim?”

No. Its not too late to file your claim. However, it is preferred by everyone involved (ie insurance companies, Thunder Dent Repair, etc) to repair your damage in a timely manner. Filing your claim promptly, avoids later confusion and makes the process much easier for everyone. In some cases, insurance companies may make the process difficult if you have waited for an extended period. 

I hope you enjoyed this blog entry and that you found it informative and helpful. As always, give us a call with any questions you may have: 405-635-9711. Until next time!