Lifetime Warranty


All paintless dent repair services performed by Thunder Dent Repair, LLC ("TDR") comes with a limited lifetime warranty. We stand by the quality of our work and protect our clients with a reliable warranty should anything go wrong as a result of our dent removal services. Subject to the Limitations and Exclusions, TDR guarantees that dents will not surface upon completion of dent removal. In the event a dent surfaces which is covered by this warranty, TDR will repair all dents at no cost to the customer.

TDR's services also warrants the integrity of the factory paint will not be compromised due to our services. Our Paintless Dent Repair services protect against: blistering, peeling, chipping, wrinkling, and gloss deterioration. TDR guarantees that we will maintain the integrity of the vehicles' factory paint job, in the condition in which the vehicle was contracted for repair. Should the integrity of the paint be compromised as a result of our dent removal services, we guarantee to fix any paint crack and/or blemishes at no cost to the customer.



TDR guarantees that the quality and integrity of our paintless dent repairs will last the entire lifetime of your vehicle, as long as you own it.



This warranty is nontransferable and is provided to the original consumer only. This warranty does not cover parts, equipment, and materials under the manufacturer's warranty. If the damage to the vehicle is a result from a subsequent weather event (i.e. hail storm). the warranty is terminated. This warranty is deemed terminated if TDR can determine that the damage differs from the original parts repaired. This warranty is deemed terminated if the vehicle is submitted to another company for paintless dent repair at any time following our work. This warranty does not cover damage as a result of vehicle misuse or natural road damage such as: dings, chips, corrosion, or rust.